Sunday, August 10, 2008

While in Miami... Duck

If you have never done a Duck Tour you are truly missing out on an unusual way to do a touristic activity. The first time Mary Lynn dragged me on to the amphibious vehicle was 4 years ago on a cold day in Boston. An actual street tour combined with the tour bus driving into the water and then being able to experience the sights from a different point of view.

While waiting for our Elite Referees course to kickoff tonight with an opening dinner, we decided to try the newly instituted Miami Duck Tour to see some of the sites of this city that I have been visiting for 50 years and where Mary Lynn was born, but both of us know, had changed so dramatically over the recent decades that it was worth another look.

So, while this may not parallel the aquatic events of the Beijing Olympics, it will clearly turn out to be 90 minutes of concentrated fun. We are reserved on the 2pm tour from South Beach, so we are heading over now. Have a great day.

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