Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bottom of the Ninth...

Derek Jeter recoils in pain after being hit in the left hand by a pitch from Orioles pitcher Jim Miller during the ninth inning.
With the pain clearly on Jeter's face, he drops the bat but is rewarded by taking First Base where he is replaced by a pinch-runner Brett Gardner who then steals Second Base.
Baltimore intentionally walks Abreu to load First and decides to pitch to A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez). Here he is pictured taking a call strike two before hitting into what was almost a double play but a bad throw left him on First with Garnder moving to Third.
A-Rod steals second and Giambi finally walks with Robinson Cano getting up to close the frame and the game with a hit up the middle and Gardner scoring to win it 1-0.
and more celebration!!!

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