Saturday, May 17, 2008 Italo is thirty four...

It may not sound like a Feist background tune in promotion of the iPod, but, it is a good way to say Happy Birthday to my Colleague and friend Italo Zanzi, who 1,2 will become 3,4 tomorrow on Sunday. Since he and his father are traveling today to Moscow to be part of the Champions League we were forced to celebrate on Friday night, 2 days early, at Elaine's on 2dn Avenue between 88th & 89th. Aside from Italo's favorite Spaghetti Bolognese, there were some new appetizers like meatballls of veal and pistachio nuts. For me, a full Veal Chop was pounded and turned into a great veal chop parmigiana Delicious.

His Father, Dr. Italo Zanzi, is just as excited about going. Chelsea and Manchester United in this dream final is one not be be missed and on we are happy about joining them on this sojourn with Mary Lynn and Myself the guests of UEFA. We begin our own special CONCACAF Champions League this August with Europe providing much of the model and guidance in our new venture. We hope to use the opportunity of this final help promote the inauguration of the CONCACAF Champions League. For sure, it will be a great event with friends on both teams.

College classmate at the University of Chicago with Italo, Ryan Morfin has been Italo's friend and even his finance manager in last year run for the House of Representatives. Here he is pictured with his long time girlfriend Diane with NBC Digital. They are good people and a lot of fun.

Elaine Kaufman, the owner of the estimable Bar and Restaurant on 2nd Avenue and 88th Street joined the celebration and contributed a delicious Nouget Ice Cream and Strawberry Whipped Cream birthday cake. Yummmmmmmy!!!!

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