Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Game Day minus One...

We set off to visit Red Square. We knew that the exhibits set up would be attracting attention and it is the natural place where visitors go on their first day in Moscow. While St. Basil's looked normal enough, other views of the square screamed football, football, football!

As we approached the area, the amount of ambush marketing and just normal advertising around the event was very evident. Samsung was very active using Russian National Team coach Gus Hiddink in major billboards all over the city. In fact, Mary Lynn actually found Gus in Red Square, doing a little personal football diplomacy and promotion. Gus is a very personable Dutchman and attracts attention wherever he goes in Moscow. You can see he created a crowd everywhere. Traditional sponsors were also making good use of the time in Moscow. Sony had their colorful rabbits and soccer ball on almost every wall where they could fit. In fact, Sony was an official sponsor of the Champions League, but in the streets it was war for the hearts and minds of the football spectator.

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