Thursday, April 24, 2008

It is Safe to Put the Winter Clothes away...

It was the perfect Spring day. You can always tell when it turns to Spring since on the streets of New York the fashions change. The coats are gone and the skirts are shorter and everyone just looks a little prettier and they have bigger smiles on their faces.

Before letting go of winter, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite photos taken by Mary Lynn during the past season.

All photographs copyright 2008 Mary Lynn Blanks


Unknown said...

I was so happy to find this blog after viewing the Pope on Fifth Ave. I was trying to find videos of him going down Fifth Ave. as my daughter works there. then when I found this blog I loved what you wrote about NY in spring, my daughter sometimes calls me on her lunch hour while she is sitting there in Central Park and telling me what a beautiful day it is, it made me miss her reading what you wrote but I loved it. Then I could not beleive when I saw all the soccer on the blog as my son played for many years when he was young, he played in high school and college, he was on the under 20 USA Nationl Team, and two time Parade All-American,if I sound like I am bragging please forgive me I just wanted you to know that I really love this blog, and we are a passionate soccer family. He now coaches youth soccer, he is 35. I look forward to any videos of NY you may put on this blog, especially Fifth Ave. or Central Park, and maybe Henri Bendel's if it is near. and please write your thoughts on even the weather, it made me feel as if I was there. My children would be so embarassed that I had gone on and on about them but you know how mothers are. Again I am so happy I found this blog, as I always tell my children since my husband passed away there are no coincidences, God has a way of bringing a smile to our faces when He knows we need it, and I smiled when I watched the video and read your description of spring, hard to beleive that something so simple could make someone happy, again thank you Chuck for this wonderful blog, the Marcie video, I beleive that was her name, was beautiful, brought many of my memories back of a wonderful life I had with my husband of 36 years. I will say something very important and serious, he died of prostate cancer at a very young age of 56, he got it when he was 50, given one year to live but lived six, that was a miracle all the doctors said, but it was because of praying and faith. I never would accept that he would die in a year, as I told the doctors only one person can say how long he has. I was blessed to have those extra years. but my point is it is vital and so important that men get their PSA test for prostate cancer every year. Giuliani is a perfect example, I am sure you know he was young also. I am an advocate on prostate cancer now, I bug men all the time about this, even my cableman the other day. I am not shy about this at all. My husband did not have to die so young if he had been diagnosed before 50, they said he had it probably at 45. Sorry so long. God Bless, Sandra in Texas

Chuck Blazer said...


Thanks for your lovely sentiments. I am really happy to know that I do bring a smile to your face. During the World Cup in Germany 2006, I wrote a blog to give an inside look at that great event You might find it to be fun reading too.

I do get my PSA tested regularly and am happy that it is well in the normal range. Something else will get me. Although I did beat cancer 22 years ago, but did lose a kidney to it.

Continue reading. We are right on Fifth Avenue, diagonally across from Bendel's, so there is every expectation that you will find more pictures of the very sites you love to see.