Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On the flight back from Zurich...

Shortly before flight time from Zurich, I received a couple of emails of thanks from people on both sides who had just executed the contract for Atlantis, the incredible facility we will be using during the 2009 FIFA Congress in the Bahamas. The realization that everything was in place made me think back to the inspection trip we made in February.

One of the highlights, after looking at all the hotel rooms, meeting rooms, dining facilities, front and back offices, sports and beach venues, was taking a break and hitting the Dolphin pool where you can actually get into the water with these giant mammals and play with them. I had those photo files with me on the laptop I was using on the plane.

The video here is the result of my having taken some pictures while waiting with Jaime Byrom well in the distance. My long lens was still able to capture Mary Lynn and her smiles as she was pushed around the pool by the Dolphins, had a hugging session with them and finally stood so close that you could catch the spray as these beautiful animals performed and leaped out of the water in awesome synchronous motion.

Some of the pix are out of focus; locking onto some plant or person 50 feet closer. So, forgive me for some of the shots where you can tell what is going on but don't have the normal detail.

From time to time, I will make postings of the world of Atlantis so you know what you can expect next year. What I can safely say is that the delegates to the FIFA Congress will have the most incredible experience at Atlantis and I look forward together with the Board of the Bahamas Football Association in welcoming everyone there next year.

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