Friday, October 10, 2008

Adriana is getting ready to have a baby...

There was more more than enough fun to go around in the boardroom as we finished a staff lunch dedicated as a baby shower for Adriana (for those of you that don't know, Adriana has been my long time assistant in New York) and her little girl to be. Three kinds of chicken (spicy, spicier and spiciest) were served with all sorts of great side dishes. Then the games. I actually won the guess how big her belly is contest. This is played by each of the guests unrolling a length of tissue paper that they believe represented the entire girth of Adriana and child. My eye for measurements was still best in the house. But, watching them sample baby food and have to identify the ingredients was the best laugh of the party. Some of their faces made you wonder why any baby would eat that stuff.

Finally, Victor broke out his guitar and played a song dedicated to the way Adriana does things, doing it "My Way", while Jill tempted her with over decorated cupcakes with tops of butter cream large enough to land a 747. Watch and enjoy.

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