Thursday, October 30, 2008

This was the day before Halloween...

The dentist makes it look like Halloween. But, fortunately rather than turning up looking like the toothless pumpkin carved during the season, I was given two new implants in the area of my upper right molars. It is real surgery, and as you can see, the nurses have me draped in a sterile environment to protect me from infection.

I have a really great Periodontist, who looks out for my gums and in this case saw to it that we restored bone where a couple of teeth has no longer been of service and now after 3 months of a bone graft, he was ready to drill and position the implants into the bones laying just below my sinuses.

I am happy to report that the procedure, due to the great care of Dr. Thomas J. Connolly, was painless and a total success. After the end of the year, when the implants are well integrated into the bone, the new posts and crowns will be fashioned by Dr. Weinstock (refer to a previous posting) and round out my sparkling dental array with functional perfection.

For those of you wondering what implants look like, here are a couple of x-rays, before and after which will give you an idea of the surgery performed.

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