Friday, October 24, 2008

Opening the New Wing in Zurich Airport...

Normally, we fly back from Zurich through terminal E, with exclusively Swiss International gates, but this time we were heading to London City Airport on British Airways for a stopover and visit on the weekend.

Little did I know that we would be amongst the first passengers to ever use the newest terminal building in Zurich, literally opened minutes prior to our arrival Friday afternoon at the airport.

The picture below shows the bridgeway to new section and if you look carefully beyond the glass doors, you can see a man on a ladder putting up signs, still trying to finish the work on this new wing.

Maybe it should have been an omen that things weren't quite ready, since shortly before takeoff we learned that some chemical spill had occurred at the incredibly convenient in city airport in London and that we were going to land at Stansted Airport, far outside of town.

Quickly onto our cell phones and luckily able to reach our friend Jason in London to change where our driver was to pick us up and for him to know that we would be late in meeting him and Stefano, both former CONCACAF staff, for drinks.

Finally we joined them at the bar of the Mandarin Oriental hotel and the weekend kicked off in good form.

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