Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat...

Aye matey, me wench and I appeared in the Boardroom to join the Conference Call already in progress of the staff members in three of our offices reviewing week six of the CONCACAF Champions League Group Stage. Unlucky for those in Guatemala and Miami, only the New York crew got the kisses made by Hershey and delivered on a tray of treats by Mary Lynn for Halloween.

After all that sugar, Doris Fernandez, a 15 year veteran of our New York office, nursed me back to full strength as her stethoscope tickled me with its cold plate against my heated chest.

Mary Lynn, undaunted by not finding everyone in the Boardroom, made her way through our offices delivering Hersey Kisses, in many flavors and varieties, to those who craved chocolate. From all of us here in New York, we hope all of you had a very Happy Halloween.

Send me your Halloween pictures and we'll post the best of them next week.

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